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The Your Athletic Scholarship Program - $575

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The Your Athletic Scholarship Program ©  The key components consist of the Your Athletc Scholarhip Manual (110 pages) and one full year access to the accompanying Podcasts (6 hours of instructional streaming audio), one full year access to the Coaching Interview Vault, a year's access to the Download Center, and one year access to the Private Your Athletic Scholarship Forum.

The Your Athletic Scholarship Manual © is a 110 page, easy to follow, instantly downloadable manual, created by Blake Starkey. Blake is a 20-year former NCAA Division I Head Coach (ACC and Big 12). He is one of the nation's top collegiate recruiting experts and the ONLY former Division I Head Coach to undertake this type effort. This is "the" authorotative Do-It-Yourself Manual, and required reading for ANY parent or young athlete genuinely interested in scholarships, or anyone wanting to know exactly what they need to do to position themselves with college coaches if they want to play their sport at the college level. This is a no BS guide, a detailed step-by-step resource written in easy-to-follow, plain language. It covers everything you need to do to get yourself onto college coaches radars the right way, and to position yourself for a future as a college athlete.

The Podcasts © – 6 hours of instantly available steaming audio where one of the nation's top collegiate recruiting experts walks you through everything you need to do. The audio podcasts are available the moment you sign up. The audio podcasts complement and expand on every chapter and topic in the Your Athletic Scholarship Manual.

The Coaching Interview Vault © - This is a unique series of video interviews with different collegiate coaches who each coach different sports. You can watch all of them or simply check out the ones you feel apply to you. The discussions are specific to recruiting, and the participants each have extensive professional backgrounds in collegiate athletics. The goal of each interview is to answer questions most parents and athletes have about the recruiting process, give great advice, guidance, and counsel when it comes to collegiate recruiting. The Coaching Interview Vault is an amazing resource, very eye-opening and beneficial to anyone interested in playing their sport at the college level.

The Download Center © - This has well-written, easy to download swipe files containing key letters and other documents you can use to springboad for YOUR process. When you begin, there IS writing involved. Access to swipe files WILL make your process easier and faster! The Download Center also contains timelines, walkthroughs of processes, and other materials that you will find very helpful. All of this will save you a lot of time! Using our Download Center, you will move quickly and won't have to reinvent the wheel. 

The Your Athletic Scholarship Forum © - This is where you can connect with others who are going through the recruiting process, and post your questions and/or comments for Blake and other members. This is a great way to connect with others, discuss your approach, talk to each other about your athletes, give and receive motivation, share unique approaches you may be taking, share your experiences and (hopefully) share your ultimate successes as you go through this together! The Forum is a GREAT connection tool! 

What you can expect: The moment you place your order, you immediately have access to the entire program! When you create your unique username and password, you will have everything you need to literally get started right away! This includes the Your Athletic Scholarship Manual©, the Audio Podcasts©, the Coaching Interview Vault©, the Private Your Athletic Scholarship Forum©, and the Download Center©. You can literally begin your process as soon as you sign up! 

The Your Athletic YAS Visual 1Scholarship Program © is a powerful, one of a kind "how to" PROGRAM designed walk you through proven steps to move you from being a high school athlete to hopefully becoming a college athlete in a college team!

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Duration: 1 year
Price: $575.00