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Brand New for 2018! This is your best approach, and COMPLETELY up to date for all NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA Men's and Women's Sports!


Subscription Plans

This is an online, face-to-face, personal consulting session designed to provide you with any information you or your family need if you intend to "go after" a college athletic scholarship, or placement on a college athletic team. While these meetings are eye-opening and give lots of valuable information, these meetings are all about YOU - this is "your" meeting! We cover YOUR approach to getting yourself recruited. We WANT to help you with your approach to YOUR athletic future!

What you can expect:

Athletic Recruiting Videos - $500 (for the production of your athletic recruiting video, which is arguably your most IMPORTANT tool you will use getting in front of college coaches on a national level)

Above and beyond travel considerations (gas and reasonalbe meals only, hotel or housing NOT an issue) will also need to be addressed.

I am more than happy to assist you with creating a solid, clean, and professional athletic recruiting video you would be proud to use as a way (via email) to immediately introduce yourself and "get in front of" college coaches on a national level. I believe I have athletic recruiting videos down to a science, and each video is tailor-made to each athlete. Proximity to those I work with must be taken into consideration. Scheduling (getting on each other's calendars) is also a consideration. As there is a little planning involved on the front end, if you are interested, simply contact me and we can begin exploring making this a reality.

To begin the process, simply place your order by clicking the blue SIGN UP button below. When you do, make sure to include your email and phone number so I can reach out to you (usually the day of) to schedule. When you email, please use "VIDEO INQUIRY" as your subject line. In your email, make sure to include your phone number and an evening time that would be a good time for us to connect. Once we have visited, we will quickly begin moving towards the creation of your athletic recruiting video.

Creating your video is a colaborative process. After scheduling and getting on each other's calendars, I come to you. I bring my own equipment. You will quickly see I have a plan and know exactly what I am doing. You will be actively involved in the process. I will have certain things I will request from you on the front end. It typically takes me about four hours for both of us (working together) to plan and shoot the portion that is necessary. Understand that you will not have your finished video until later. My goal will be to have your finished video to you within a week. After the date we shoot, I will be editing, cutting, and pulling your video together - basically doing what I have to do from a tech standpoint to provide you a GREAT video. Your finished video is loaded onto its own private unlisted LeadPage - this gives you a clean finish and doesn't scream "YouTube". Having an "unlisted" video simply means your video is NOT public and will ONLY be able to be seen by those whom YOU provide the link (usually via email). On the back end, you are provided your finished link along with a hard copy of your finished video. Proximity to those I work with must be taken into consideration and scheduling (getting on each other's calendars) is also a consideration. As there is a little planning involved on the front end, when you place your order, make sure to provide me with what I need (your email and phone number) and I will contact you in short order (usually the day you place your order) and begin making this a reality.