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Brand New for 2017! This is your best approach, and COMPLETELY up to date for all NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA Men's and Women's Sports!


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The Your Athletic Scholarship Program © consists of five components:

1) The Your Athletic Scholarship Manual  ©

2) The Your Athletic Scholarship Podcasts © (1 Year Access)

3) The Coaching Interview Vault © (1 Year Access)

4) The Download Center © (1 Year Access)

5) The Forum © (1 Year Access)

This is an online, face-to-face, personal consulting session designed to provide you with any information you or your family need if you intend to "go after" a college athletic scholarship, or placement on a college athletic team. While these meetings are eye-opening and give lots of valuable information, these meetings are all about YOU - this is "your" meeting! We cover YOUR approach to getting yourself recruited. We WANT to help you with your approach to YOUR athletic future!