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How Your Athletic Scholarship Began

The Your Athletic Scholarship Program has been used by countless athletes in pursuing (and securing) college athletic scholarships. These athletes have all played different sports, and come to the program from different states, backgrounds, situations, and circumstances. However, the actual MOTIVATION to create the program was provided by two very specific athletes, and two very different situations. The first was a track runner from Maryland who was solid, but didn’t have a clue as to how to best position herself to be noticed by college coaches. And the second was a tennis player from Mississippi who had actually already been recruited and was on a team and on a full scholarship.

The second, the young lady from Mississippi, was one of Coach Starkey’s players. Prior to being recruited, her parents had paid A LOT of money to a well-known national recruiting service. Coach Starkey had never been contacted or received ANYTHING from that particular service on her behalf. What this player's parents had PAID compared to how little they GOT was unacceptable. And having been around similar situations before, two thoughts began going through Coach Starkey's head . . .

1. “There’s GOT to be a better way!“

2. "If YOU don't do this, WHO WILL?"  

Through these two athletes, and their very different situations, the YOUR ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM began.

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