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Professional Endorsements

"What Blake has created here has a clear purpose, which is to guide high school athletes and their parents through what they need to do to get noticed by college coaches and transition from being a high school athlete to becoming a college athlete. This is a unique approach, a very complete how-to, and a great resource for any parents or young athletes wondering what to do. Blake knows recruiting inside and out, and has put it all down in an easy to follow program."

Aaron Acker
Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance and Eligibility, Boston College
Former Division I Athlete - Cross Country Runner (Scholarship)
The University of Mary



“This is a wealth of information on how to get yourself recruited by college coaches. Blake, the guy who put this together, coached Division I at the high level for a long time. He knows the business intimately, and knows exactly what he’s doing. He hits a lot of little details that are very important, but that you could easily overlook. I wish I’d had something like this when I came out of high school. This is a great program. Having reviewed it, I'd personally give it to anyone serious about playing college sports."

Michael Morin
Professional Pitcher, Los Angeles Angels
Former Division I Athlete - Baseball (Scholarship)
The University of North Carolina



"I've known Blake for over 30 years. We battled each other as athletes in high school and in college. When we later both coached, we played each other every year he was at Mizzou. Blake is a class act and loves helping people. I've known for a long time this area of guiding kids through the collegiate recruiting process was close to his heart. He was always very passionate about it. Now that I've seen what he's put together, which is amazing, I endorse it entirely. I wish I'd had something like this when I was in high school. Nothing is left out. To anyone in the business, it is clear this covers all you need. If you are wondering what to do to one day be a college athlete in any sport, you really need to order this program."

Kendell Hale
Head Tennis Coach, UMKC 
Former Division I Athlete - Tennis (Scholarship)
Northwest Missouri State University



"As a former #1 nationally ranked NCAA collegiate tennis player and Division I head coach I have seen both sides of the coin in college athletics. As a player you are aware of the competition in recruiting. But as a coach, I received hundreds of emails a month. In this era of multimedia recruiting you need to be able to stand out from the crowd, showcasing why a coach needs you on their team. With Blake's program you will be able to set yourself apart from the rest to be able to achieve your dream of playing at the next level. Hard work always pays off and if you want it bad enough, equipped with the proper knowledge, you will reach your goals."

Jennifer Gabou
Former Head Coach, Florida Gulf Coast
Author, "NCAA Division I"
Former Division I Athlete - Tennis (Full Scholarship)
The University of Florida



"I didn't have anything like this when I came out of high school and select baseball. It would have been so much easier if I did! Blake takes all the stuff that was nerve-racking for me, and just turns it into a process. He's upbeat, and lays everything out. It's easy to follow. As a former high-level Division I Head Coach, he obviously knows every corner of athletic recruiting. He gives you goals, challenges you, and supplies you with important to-do lists. He covers stuff you probably wouldnt' think of on your own and gives a great plan of action. He covers everything! His approach is upbeat, optimistic, funny, and like any good motivational coach - you are left believing this is something you can do. When you finish the program, you see the whole recruiting process differently because he's broken it down piece by piece, and given you a roadmap."

Mark Sappington
Professional Pitcher, Arkansas Travelers
Former Division I Athlete - Baseball (Scholarship)
University of Missouri-Kansas City



"If you play soccer, or whatever sport, the complexities of making the jump from high school to college athletics can be intimidating. Blake's program covers that challenge better than anything I've ever seen. And this isn't just aimed at the top kids. While his approach makes sense for everyone, it will really resonate and make a difference for that middle to lower group of high school athletes. You'd have had to coached or maybe worked in college athletics to really see what Blake is doing here. It's all about understanding what to do, doing it, working the numbers to your favor, and going after an opportunity. It's about being proactive in the right way. I believe this is a very special program."

Sasho Cirovski
Head Men's Soccer Coach, University of Maryland
2-Time NCAA Champions (2005, 2008)
Former Division I Athlete (Scholarship)
University of Wisconsin