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Brand New for 2020! This is your best approach, and COMPLETELY up to date for all NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA Men's and Women's Sports!


The Your Athletic Scholarship Program



 *The Your Athletic Scholarship Program © *consists of five components:

  1. The Your Athletic Scholarship Manual ©
  2. The Your Athletic Scholarship Podcasts © (1 Year Access)
  3. The Coaching Interview Vault © (1 Year Access)
  4. The Download Center © (1 Year Access)
  5. The Forum © (1 Year Access)

What you can expect:

The entire program is online, so the moment you order, you immediately have access to the entire program. You will have everything you need to begin an organized, professional, national approach towards going after an athletic scholarship or placement on a college athletic team. You can literally get started with YOUR CAMPAIGN right away! The program includes the Your Athletic Scholarship Manual©, the Audio Podcasts©, the Coaching Interview Vault©, the Download Center© and access to the the Private Closed Your Athletic Scholarship FaceBook Forum©. You can literally begin YOUR process as soon as you sign up!

There is a detailed program description above (video) that breaks down each component of the program and shows how each work together to give you your BEST approach to going after a college athletic scholarship, or placement on college athletic team. To order the program, simply click the blue SIGN UP button below, and you can begin your process immediately!