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Brand New for 2020! This is your best approach, and COMPLETELY up to date for all NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA Men's and Women's Sports!



If you are involved with your high school booster club or athletic department, and would like to help athletes at your school who seriously WANT to play their sport at the college level (but often don't know what to do), you should ABSOLUTELY reach out to Coach Starkey to schedule a live presentation for your group. It WILL help your athletes! 

 Coach Starkey is great in live face-to-face settings! When it comes to helping high school athletes and their families understand "how" to go after college athletic playing opportunities, no one is better! He breaks down exactly what it takes for high school athletes to go after spots on college teams, and all the smart things they SHOULD be doing freshman year through their senior year to get noticed by college coaches. He NEVER charges for these presentations, so this will NOT cost you or your school or booster club! His unique presentations often lead to fun group discussions. No one needs to "take notes" because everyone is given detailed notes on the presentation.

In the beginning, almost ALL high school athletes experience feelings of being intimidated by the recruiting "process". There is a lot of "mystery" about what they can or can't do, or what their role is. Coach Starkey covers their fears as being completely normal. But by discussing a real action plan and helping them define their role in the process (by covering smart things they could be doing), the same athletes leave with a strong sense of optimism, a PLAN, and an actual roadmap. They feel inspired and empowered, but more importantly, they UNDERSTAND what they need to do to make things happen. AND they leave with a GREAT written checklist! 

Help your athletes! Get in touch with Coach Starkey today! Either email him by CLICKING HERE, or call him at 573.489.9239.