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The Your Athletic Scholarship Story

Hey! I’m Blake Starkey. I’m the guy who put the Your Athletic Scholarship Program together. If you’re researching college athletic scholarships and how to get one, then my website may appear “new”. That’s because the challenge of going after a scholarship may be new to you. But it isn't new to me. To me, helping young athletes and their parents go after scholarships has been a big part of my life's work. And my program (the Your Athletic Scholarship Program) is over 30 years in the making. So if you are just getting started and feel a little overwhelmed, that's COMPLETELY normal! But as you start learning a little more, I hope you'll come to have confidence that I've got you covered! And that this doesn't have to be so hard!

I’ve had kind of a unique path when it comes to athletic scholarships and this particular topic. I was a high school athlete. Then I got a scholarship and was a junior college athlete. Then I got another scholarship and transferred to another school and was an NCAA Division I college athlete. When I graduated, I got another scholarship which paid for my master's degree. I later got a lucky break from a friend who asked me to come work with him, so I got to be an NCAA Division I assistant coach. And then later, I got asked by another really great school to come work for them, so I got to be an NCAA Division I College Head Coach for a long time. Over the years, I signed TONS of kids to full athletic scholarships. To sign those kids, I had to know certain things. Recruiting so many kids over the years, I made tons of observations and learned a lot. Every kid I signed had questions. Every single one. My job was to have the answers.

But back before any of that happened, I was a high school athlete. And I still vividly remember being that high school kid getting my first scholarship. It was a BIG deal to me. I remember how it all came together. Bottom line it’s this - no matter what our walks of life are, we ALL remember when really great things happen to us. For me, getting that first scholarship was a really great thing. It simply told me someone believed in me as I was leaving home to go to college and moving into my future. My scholarship was to a junior college, and it wasn’t the “best” junior college. But it didn’t matter. To me, it was a BIG deal. And it was the start of a new unexpected path.

Ironically, because of the line of work I fell into, 20 years of college coaching put me up close and personal with many different “recruiting processes” in a really intimate way. I knew it too - I knew I was in a unique position to REALLY learn. I paid attention to everything. I started taking notes and writing and building from the very beginnig. The first time I was approached by a family asking to help their kid, I was hooked! Now, the way I helped that family was NOT perfect - it was raw! But when it was done, I knew I wanted to put this program together. I was obsessed with wanting to help anyone who wanted to go down their OWN path with college sports. Because its a life changer! So over the years, my program grew and developed. It's had lots of additions and improvements. And it has been over 30 years in the making.

The challenge of going after a scholarship can be daunting. It really can be. But it doesn't have to be so hard! If you’re new to this, that’s fine! Everyone has to start somewhere! But on my end, this has been a huge chunk of my life’s work. And in my humble opinion . . . this is the absolute BEST program of its kind. You ARE in the right place! And I’d be honored if you’d let my program help you with this. Best of luck!

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