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Brand New for 2020! This is your best approach, and COMPLETELY up to date for all NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA Men's and Women's Sports!


Does The Your Athletic Scholarship Program Work?


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The YourAthleticScholarship System is ABSOLUTELY the BEST program of its kind.  This complete A-Z system is also incredibly cost-effective, a HUGE plus for parents and young athletes!

We offer different approaches to help you reach your end goals. Each appraoch is complete and based on how YOU learn best!

READ​! Some people learn best by reading. We send you a physical manual you can read, study, and make notes on. You will refer back to this manual time and time again as you create your materials. 

LISTEN​! Some people learn best by listening to streaming audio through computers or mobile devices. You get immediate access to six hours of streaming audio walking you through every step of you what you need to do. You can listen as you drive, work out, or run errands. 

WATCH​! Others learn by watching high-definition video. You get immediate access to video, including our Coaching Interview Vault. Here, you can watch sport-specific interviews with high level college coaches. In each interview, collegiate recruiting is the ONLY topic covered, and each coach covers what THEY pay attention to when they are recruiting.

DO​! Some people operate best working from crystal-clear TO-DO lists, or checklists. You get immediate access to crystal-clear TO-DO lists, checklists, and downloads that will jump-start your process so you don't have to reinvent the wheel! 

CONNECT! For some, it is important to check in with others as they work through each step. When you join, you get immediate access to our Your Athletic Scholarship FORUM, which is a closed online commuity of other parents and athletes nationwide who are doing the same things you are! This is a great place to connect with others, give and get support, and exchange ideas!

You have IMMEDIATE ONLINE ACCESS to all of this the moment you place your order. You can get started right away! To better understand our unique approach and how we can help, click here!

Through all of this, you save time because you are not beginning from scratch! You gain powerful insights and learn from the high level experience of professionals. You get the complete list of DO’S and DO NOT’s when going after a scholarship, or placement on a college athletic team! 

All athletes are different and all coaches are looking for different things. It is impossible to offer end results. What we CAN promise is you will DRASTICALLY increase your chances for success if you follow the advice and time-tested steps outlined in the Your Athletic Scholarship Program. This program was built by one of the nation's leading experts on collegiate athletic recruitng and gives you the absolute BEST material possible and everything you need to do this yourself. By following what is laid out for you, you simply increase your chances of being recruited. You will find the process rewarding and learn a great deal about yourself! And, you'll have a lot of FUN!