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Our Credentials

Starkey on court at a college competitionstarkeyBlake Starkey is the sole creator of the Your Athletic Scholarship Program. Blake is a Texas native and now lives just outside of Austin. The program Blake created is based on his professional experiences as a Division I head coach at two major BCS universities, and on his experiences helping countless high school athletes navigate the recruiting process. Blake is an expert consultant in the area of athletic scholarships having been involved in college athletics most of his professional life. 

Having consulted in this area for so many years, and having helped so many high school athletes successfully transition to play their sport at the college level, Blake understands high school athletes, parents, and high school and college coaches as few do. His program works for ALL sports. It educates young athletes and their parents on the best steps they should take if interested in playing their sport at the college level.

Blake’s background . . .

  • Blake was a Division I Head Coach for 14 years at the University of Missouri. Mizzou was in the Big 12 Conference, but is now in the SEC.
  • Blake was a Division I Assistant Coach for 6 years at the University of Maryland. Maryland was in the ACC, but is now in the Big 10 Conference.
  • For 20 consecutive years, Blake took and passed the NCAA recruiting and rules exam, scoring 90% or better each time. He is well-versed in NCAA compliance, eligibility, amateurism, and most important, recruiting.  He still audits the test annually and knows the material inside and out.
  • For over 20 years, Blake personally recruited and signed numerous student athletes to full scholarships. 
  • Blake coached several teams and individuals to conference championships and NCAA Division I tournament appearances. His teams and players were regularly ranked in the NCAA Division I collegiate national rankings.
  • Blake has been and remains a public speaker and writer.  He has presented countless programs on a wide range of topics pertaining to college athletics and recruiting.
  • Blake has served on NCAA committees, the ITA Central Region committee, and several other committees at the collegiate level.
  • Blake has assisted countless high school athletes and their families in marketing themselves in order to successfully land athletic scholarships and/or get placed on collegiate athletic teams.  He has also assisted countless young athletes in making the transition from high school to college athletics. 

Blake’s Education:

  • Master’s Degree in Sports Administration, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations/Communications, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, Paris Junior College

States and Countries Blake has travelled to specifically for the purpose of recruiting:

 Recruiting in Washington DCRecruiting in Washington DC  Recruiting in MoscowRecruiting in Moscow  Recruiting in the Czech RepublicRecruiting in the Czech Republic  recruitgermanyRecruiting in Heidelberg, Germany
United States:  Foreign Countries:
  • Almost all states
  • Russia  
  • The Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Germany
  • England