Becoming a good athlete in high school is one thing. Knowing how to go after scholarships or college playing opportunities is a COMPLETELY different thing. Athletes and families invest countless hours (and resources) becoming good in their sport. But truly understanding HOW to build an effective "recruiting campaign" the RIGHT way to take the next step? Again, that's a COMPLETELY different thing.

Getting some professional assistance with this can be helpful. Blake Starkey is a former 20-year NCAA Division I Head Coach who has personally recruited and signed countless athletes to full athletic scholarships. Based on his 20-year NCAA Division I Head Coaching career, Starkey has created the BEST APPROACH in the country for helping high school athletes wanting to play in college! He has two unique programs that guide athletes (and their parents) through every step of recruiting - his "Signature Program" and his "Digital-Only Program". Starkey is also an expert videographer and personally works with athletes to professionally create their all-important athletic recruiting videos which are then used for recruiting purposes.

Starkey only consults and works with a handful of athletes each year. He individually advises them as they go after playing opportunities. His approach has helped countless athletes (and their parents) successfully navigate collegiate recruiting. He understands recruiting as few do. If playing in college is important to you, then set up a FREE consulting session and speak with Coach Starkey soon!

Through his program and individual consultation, you will learn EVERYTHING you need from one of the nation’s TOP collegiate recruiting experts and understand the following:

  • today's collegiate athletic recruiting landscape
  • current trends affecting today's recruiting world
  • exactly what coaches look for, exactly what they avoid . . . and why
  • exact actions to get noticed by coaches and GET recruited
  • the absolute BEST way to market yourself

What makes Blake's "Signature" approach SO different is you don't just get his program - you also get BLAKE! Again, Blake works directly with you! PLEASE NOTE: Coach Starkey is selective and only works with a SELECT number of athletes each year. But he works closely with them (through weekly ZOOM meetings) as they move through his program and their recruiting campaigns. He gives weekly feedback and guidance. And his process gets results! It works for ALL sports and ALL athletes no matter what sport they play! Stop wondering what to do! Work directly WITH a proven college coach and expert. To learn more about working directly with Coach Starkey, set up a completely FREE consulting session today!

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