Coach Starkey is exclusive and only works with a limited number of athletes each year. What this means for you is he is NOT spread thin. You have access to him and can ask questions when you need help. You personally receive more focus and "hands on". Most recruiting services attempt to get as many high school athletes signed up as possible. And with small staffs, besides lack of collegiate experience anywhere near the level of Coach Starkey's, they often don't really work "with" you. Availability and superior experience is what Coach Starkey's approach from most "services". But with that, Coach Starkey often reaches capacity and cannot accept new athletes in a given cycle. But this will be covered during your consultation.

The way his program is comes together is specialized and unique. As soon as you are accepted and set up your login and password, there is a lot you immediately "get", and "have access to".

Each admitted student (and their parents) have access to a weekly individual meeting (at an agreed-upon time) with Coach Starkey via a weekly ZOOM to discuss any and all aspects of their personal recruiting campaign.

The moment you are accepted, you immediately have online access to everything you need to begin an organized, professional, national approach towards going after an athletic scholarship or placement on a college athletic team. You can literally get started with YOUR CAMPAIGN the day you are accepted! Your online materials include the Your Athletic Scholarship Manual©, the Audio Podcasts©, the Coaching Interview Vault©, and the Download Center©. You can literally begin YOUR process immediately. In the video below, Coach Starkey gives details regarding the virtual materials you receive DAY ONE once you are accepted into his program to work with him.