"I can't say enough good things about this. We had signed on with a big recruiting service earlier and weren't happy with it, so I'm qualified to draw comparisons. There is NO comparison! Besides his online materials, Blake was literally our guide walking us through everything. AND the video was top notch. Can't recommend this enough."

Josh Bruce, Parent, Texas

"Our daughter plays softball and the recruiting video he put together for her, outstanding. I still can't believe what he got out of her. I'll treasure that video long after she graduates! As a parent, I've never been so proud! Amazing!"

Ginger McCuen, Parent, Texas

"Coach Starkey only works with a few athletes at a time, so we knew we were important. His materials, checklists and timelines were perfect. But the biggie was our personal access to him when we needed help or had questions. That part was huge!"

Steve Kane, Parent, Georgia

Greg Hagen Parent, Missouri

"Our son is a sophomore playing football. It's a few years off, but if he keeps developing, we wanted to know what we could do to help him play in college. We needed more than just the advice we were getting from our coaches and others. We started by looking into recruiting services, but we were just a number to them. Then we stumbled onto this. The thing I really liked was I was dealing with a college coach who had coached for a long time in big-time conferences. He didn't promise or sugar-coat anything. But it was clear he knew the business deeply and could help us. Being able to talk to him regularly really helped. It worth the investment and I'd recommend this to any parent trying to help their kids play college sports. I'd recommend this over everything else out there. Not even close."

"Our daughter is an 8th grade volleyball player who has an incredible passion for her sport. She plays club volleyball and absolutely wants to play in college! After hearing some of our friends' experiences with recruiting service experiences, Coach Starkey’s Your Athletic Scholarship program was wonderful. And having gotten to work with him, his wealth of NCAA expertise is evident as was his passion and work ethic in helping her. Blake is a coach, plain and simple. He teaches practical methods in a personalized way. It was a straightforward and hands-on approach to navigating the college scholarship process. We learned so much and we look forward to using all of it as she enters high school."

LeAnne Jackson Parent, Texas

Jill Metzler Parent, North Carolina

I liked the organization of this. It was clear, concise and easy to follow. It told us exactly what we needed to do. I really liked that the person who put this together was a high level coach. We spoke to several services, but you never know the background of people. I liked that this guy had been a head coach for a long time. You could tell he knew his stuff. He had extensive experience recruiting and signing kids to scholarships. It was obvious he knew how to walk people like us through what we'd need to do. I liked that if we got hung up, we had a ZOOM meeting with him weekly. That made a huge difference. We got a crystal-clear manual, forms, and audio. Plus we got to work directly with him! It was perfect. It covered exactly what we were experiencing and what we needed to do. It never went down rabbit holes that didn't apply. I really liked that. I personally went from being confused, to being on top of things and proactive. I'd recommend this over anything else out there to anyone thinking about college sports for their kids."

"Our daughter is a gymnast in college right now on scholarship. I had never seen anyone love anything the way she loves gymnastics. Gymnastics is going to be a big factor into her college decision. We wanted to help her, so I had to get up to speed in an area I didn't know much about. Most of the services, well, no one can promise anything obviously but I just didn't feel good about that route. I'm more comfortable taking a hands-on approach. That's why Coach Starkey was perfect for us. First off, we had access to weekly ZOOM meetings with him and that part was everything. The plan itself is very clear. The audio was easy to follow. I listened on my way to and from work. Things only happen when you get actively involved. And Coach Starkey walks you through how to get involved in everything. We spent a lot on gymnastics developing her. But when it came to that next step, we just didn't know what we were doing. It was a great plan, and I'm glad we went this route. Learned so much. I recommend it to anyone."

Lloyd Scalipino Parent, Texas

Kevin Lindley Parent, Indiana

"We're in Blake's program now, and it's really helping! Our daughter plays school and club volleyball and loves it. She's in the 9th grade so she still has a lot in front of her. If she plays in college, a scholarship would be nice, but we're also fine if there's not one. She just wants volleyball to be part of her college experience. I wanted to do some quiet research as we don't talk about it much. A co-worker recommended I look into Coach Starkey's Your Athletic Scholarship program. I am so glad I did! Besides the program itself, it's nice to be on a schedule and be able to visit with Blake Starkey every now and then. He's an encylopedia of ideas and covers things I would have never thought of on my own. I feel very on top of things now. This has helped immensely!"

"Our daughter just finished her freshman year playing soccer at a mid-major in Minnesota. The summer before her senior year, we didn't know what we were doing. I thought we were too late. We signed up for free profiles with some services but quickly realized those were just to get us in the door. When I came across this, everything clicked. We followed exactly what was laid out in the manual and on the audio. But our ability to talk with Coach Starkey is what filled in the blanks with everything. Sometimes, you just have questions. I am still blown away by how much we got out of this. We love our daughter and she loves her sport. We didn't know how to help her. But after working with Coach Starkey, we sure did! I couldn't recommend this more."

Karen Cornell Parent, Missouri