What to expect from your weekly consulting meeting:

Your ability to ask questions and speak directly with the person who created the program makes all the difference. As you work through the program, you will find everything thoroughly and logically laid out. You have everything you need to run a professional top-nothch recruiting campaign. But again, your ability to work directly with Coach Starkey makes all the difference!

And that's one big thing separating Blake's program from everything else on the market. You literally get weekly access to Blake! Most people appreciate being able to ask questions, and be walked through certain steps, or just "talk" about their kid and/or their situation.

Here's how your weekly consultation meetings work:

  • Expect these to be (ball-park) one-hour (ish) WEEKLY sessions. Once enrolled, for THREE months, you have access to a WEEKLY consulting session WITH Coach Starkey as you work your way through his material.
  • Both you and Coach Starkey schedule your meeting in advance at a time convenient for both. Once scheduled, Coach Starkey will be available and ready to help any way possible at that time. He may occasionally request a second weekly meeting if follow-up is necessary. But should anything come up last second on your end, he would simply find another time (often the next day) to do your make-up session.
  • A WELL-PLANNED OUT SESSION: We never want to waste time during your meetings. Whenever possible, it helps when members email topics/questions in advance. Whenever possible, Coach Starkey likes to be able to research beforehand. He wants to solve and cover your questions during your meeting. So he appreciates (whenever possible) receiving specific questions in advance so he can focus the discussion to best help you. Another big plus to working with Coach Starkey is if you ever have a question he can't answer, he is usually a phone call from getting it answered due to his coaches or compliance contacts at the NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA. Coach Starkey wants to do everything he can to answer client's questions during their meetings. He also wants to utilize your meeting time wisely. It is human nature for some (Coach Starkey included!) to simply "talk". But to best help, it is important we keep your meeting on track so your issues get covered and resolved. He tries to avoid going down rabbit holes that are way off-topic. Because then we look up and realize we didn't spend our meeting time wisely. Coach Starkey like to get to work!
  • Using all of your virtual materials in combination with your meetings, three months is more than enough time for you to really get under the material and feel massive confidence in your plan and approach. There will be weeks where you really appreciate and need your meeting. There may be other weeks where you don't necessarily need a meeting that week. Meaning, you are under no obligation to "sit" for a meeting on certain weeks if you don't need one that week. Just understand a weekly meeting absolutely IS at your disposal if you are one of Coach Starkey's clients!