While the "Signature" Program" is what is suggested for families needing the most help, Blake offers other program versions where some people may simply need other products or specialized tservices that Blake is capable of providing.

DIGITAL-ONLY PROGRAM - With this, someone may feel they need all the online tools, yet not need their video produced by Blake or have access to personalized weekly consultation that is a key part of the Signature Program. With the Digital-Only offering, access to Blake's online digital-only materials may be all certain people they feel they need. The Digital-Only is an outstanding walkthrough for the individual who wants access to the key components of the program for self-study, reading, and to do all the work themselves. Details (including pricing) will be covered a consultation call.

VIDEO-ONLY: Some athletes know they will be recruited and simply need a professionally created recruiting video. For example, he/she are being actively recruited, and one or more coaches are requesting a video. Or they could be a current college athlete who is transferring and needs a video for transfer/ recruiting purposes. To get an idea of what your video might look like and/or to see an example of a finished video, click here.

Blake's online digital materials AND the athletic recruiting videos he produces for clients have helped athletes as young as 7th and 8th grade (as well as the obvious freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors and their parents/guardians). Having Blake (or his work) in your corner can ONLY help with what you are wanting to do - his programs are the BEST available. All situations are different and some athletes have different needs outside of the "full" program. Simply email Blake@yourathleticscholarship.com to get more info.