Your Athletic Recruiting Video and what to expect:

As the phrase goes, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." Your athletic recruiting video IS your first impression. It's important and a central part of your overall recruiting "campaign". Certain recruiting companies and specialty sports videographers charge in the thousands to create videos. If accepted into Blake's program, your video is included. During his coaching days, Blake had hundreds of videos sent to him. As a result, more than anyone, Blake knows exactly what goes into a good video. He also knows the mistakes to avoid and what NOT to put in your video. He is a skilled videographer with extensive video experience. He has a style he knows is effective, and has personally produced countless athletic recruiting videos. He knows what he's doing. Your finished video will be unique, classy, yet not overly "polished". It allows coaches to see you as a student, individual, AND athlete. Your video will be built around your strengths. He is VERY good at helping you put your BEST foot forward. To get an idea of what your video might look like and/or to see an example of a finished video, click here.

Please understand a quality recruiting video is important. Your video serves as an introduction. When done well, videos often make coaches want to learn more about you. They are an important part of Coach Starkey's overall approach and Blake personally works with you to create yours. From his coaching days, having literally reviewed hundreds of recruiting videos, he knows what good (and bad) videos look like. He also knows what goes into good videos and knows the mistakes to avoid.

How does this work?

Creating your video is a collaborative process. The way it works is simple. We schedule a date your video will be shot. In most cases, as equipment is involved, Blake requires you come to him. But there are cases where Blake will travel to your location if it makes sense geographically. You are actively involved in the process, and Blake has certain things he will require from you on the front end.

Once accepted into Blake's program, as this is but one of MANY things you will be doing as part of your overall "recruiting campaign" When you schedule your consultation, and during the time we are working together, Coach Starkey will go into greater detail covering the specifics of your athletic recruiting video. You will understand every stop of your video's process.

Your video will be shot and edited to your satisfaction. It will be uploaded to its own private unlisted LeadPage, which gives it a clean professional finish and doesn't scream "YouTube". Having an "unlisted" video simply means your video is NOT public and will ONLY be seen by those to whom YOU provide the link (usually college coaches via email). On the back end, you are provided your finished link along along with a hard copy of your finished video (if you request it).

What if my child is young (like 9th grade) when we go through the program? Do we shoot the video then?

Quick answer: No. Blake covers how he creates your video on your consultation call. And he definitely covers it in greater detail once you are a client and working with him. Creation of your video 100% IS part of the program! But when the video is created has to do with (the age/year of your athlete) and WHEN you (and your athlete) GO THROUGH Blake's program. Long story short, the timing is different for a 9th grader than it would be for a high school JUNIOR or SENIOR in terms of when you will need your video. The timing is situational. But regardless of your athlete's age/year, going through Blake's program is SO critical! And because Blake is exclusive and only works with a handful of clients, having weekly access to Blake as a resource as you work through everything is SO critical! And again, the younger your athlete is, the better! This is so you can really LEARN everything that goes into a top-notch overall recruiting campaign. But yes, if your athlete were young (9th grade for example) Blake WILL NOT create your video then. A younger athlete needs to be focused on their sport and wisely spending this time getting good AND building up a good video library. So if an athlete were young, we would not create your all-important introduction video just yet (until we have a better body of athletic highlights). So in those cases, we would produce your video at a LATER date. Now, in the case of a JUNIOR or SENIOR, we would be on a tighter timeline and would create their video much sooner. In terms of the actual shoot, regardless of age, it is pretty simple. We set a date that works for both parties. If it geographically makes sense (is in Texas) Blake can bring his equipment to you for the shoot, or we arrange a day for you to come to Blake's location to shoot the all-important introduction. Afterwards, it will take Blake a couple of days to pull everything together and edit. He uploads your video to it's own LeadPage so it has a professional "look" as opposed to something simply posted onto YouTube. And you are supplied the link (and a hard copy if you need it).