When Blake takes on a client, he is usually working with not just the athlete, but assisting their parents or guardians. Because let's be real - the end result of any form of scholarship saves the parents or guardians real dollars (See video on student loan debt here). So it is logical that parents and guardians have a vested interest, so the steps he covers are often a group effort. But while parents and/or guardians are often the major players, Blake fully expects the athlete to be involved.

Blake has worked with and helped athletes (and their parents/guardians of athletes) as young as the 8th grade. But he has absolutely worked with / helped / educated (the families of) 8th graders, freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. He's even worked with current college student-athletes who are transferring. This is often a junior college athlete who is transferring to a four year institution, or simply a a student-athlete transferring from one college to another.


  • 8th and 9th grade - Blake considers this age group to be an "ideal age group". The main reason is they have adequate TIME to learn what they need to do, get under the strategies, and most importantly, they will have TIME later to execute their recruiting campaign at a very comfortable pace.
  • SOPHOMORES (10th grade) - Blake considers sophomores to be an ideal age group.
  • JUNIORS AND SENIORS (11th/12th grade) - Due to NCAA recruiting timelines, the timeline for juniors and seniors is accelerated. There is time, but there isn't time to waste.
  • COLLEGE TRANSFERS - Blake has handled recruiting videos for several students either moving from a junior college to a four year institution, or transferring between four-year institutions.