Meet Blake . . .

Blake Starkey is the creator of the Your Athletic Scholarship Program, the world's BEST program for helping high school athletes (and their parents and coaches) navigate collegiate athletic recruiting with confidence. Blake is a former 20-year, high-level, NCAA Division I Head Coach, coaching 6 years at the University of Maryland (the Terps) in the Big 10 Conference, and 14 years as the Head Coach at the University of Missouri (the Mizzou Tigers) in the SEC Conference. He has helped countless aspiring high school athletes attain their goal of being recruited and ultimately playing their sport at the college level.

Leaning on deep NCAA knowledge and experience, having helped so many high school athletes play in college for so long, Blake is a sought-out advisor and speaker on the topic of collegiate athletic recruiting. He understands athletes, parents, and high school and college coaches and the collegiate recruiting process as few do. His program is effective and works for ALL sports. He educates young athletes and their parents on best practices if interested in playing their sport at the college level.

Blake's background:

  • Blake was a Division I Head Coach for 14 years at the University of Missouri. Mizzou is a member of the SEC, arguably the nation's toughest athletic conference.
  • Prior to Mizzou, Blake was the Co-Head Coach at the University of Maryland for 6 years. Maryland is in the Big 10 Conference, also one of the nation's toughest athletic conferences.
  • For 20 straight years, Blake took and passed the NCAA Recruiting Rules exam, scoring 90% or better each time. He is well-versed in NCAA compliance, eligibility, amateurism, and most important, recruiting.  He audits the test each year and knows NCAA processes inside and out.
  • For over 20 years, Blake personally recruited and signed numerous student athletes to full scholarships. 
  • Blake coached several teams and individuals to conference championships and NCAA Division I tournament appearances. His teams and players were regularly ranked in the NCAA Division I collegiate national rankings.
  • Blake is a regular public speaker and writer.  He has presented countless programs on a wide range of topics pertaining to college athletics and recruiting.
  • Blake has served on several NCAA committees, the ITA Central Region committee, and several other committees at the collegiate level.
  • Blake (through his program) has assisted countless high school athletes and their families successfully navigate collegiate recruiting to receive athletic scholarships and/or be placed on collegiate athletic teams.   


  • Master’s Degree in Sports Administration, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations/Communications, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, Paris Junior College

States and Countries Blake has travelled to specifically for the purpose of recruiting:

  • Almost all U.S. states
  • Russia  
  • The Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Germany
  • England